Friedrich's Optik | Heritage
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Whether it is a measure of the time spent together or the legacies inherited and preserved,
a family’s history defines its present.

No accessory is more important to your look than eyeglasses. For some of us eyewear is not an accessory, it’s a necessity. You are Unique, your eyewear should be as well. Friedrich’s Optik is rooted in old world German craftsmanship. Our passion has produced custom frames with unparalleled fit and comfort since 1816.

Our heritage begins with Campbell Optik, founded in Hamburg by London optician William Campbell. He was respected for his reputation for unsurpassed quality and excellence, and from the earliest days, Campbell was known to carry the most extensive and exclusive collection of eyewear, binoculars, surgical loupes and nautical equipment.

Over the years Campbell introduced many optical and retail firsts were with some of the top optical companies including Zeiss and Leica. Campbell was the first to introduced the concept of fitting tables. This dedication to customer service remains our primary focus to this day.

The Paulick family purchased the company in 1977 and they remain its stewards to the present day under the name Friedrich’s Optik at the New York and Palm Beach shops and Campbell in Hamburg, Berlin, Berlin-Mitte, and Stuttgart.